November 11th We had a youth practice

This day was an ensemble of 12 adults and college students.

Since it was the people of the experienced course who gathered, we practiced only Respighi on this day 😁

Especially, we mainly worked on the 3.4 movement, which we had not practiced many times until now!

By the way, what became important in this practice was the timing of
holding the instrument ,
, the accuracy of the salutato rhythm,
dividing the rhythm, how
to play double notes,
distinguishing the length of the sound

, etc. 😊

Especially about holding the instrument. , there may be a big misunderstanding.

Preparing the instrument means
holding the instrument (holding)
the pitch to enter Melt
your mind into the tempo of the current song
(stay in the song all the way through the rests)
Communicate the sense of tempo to your body (breathing) The minimum preparation is to move according to the tempo and prepare the
bow . There is, but it’s difficult if you’re not used to it.Personally, I think it ‘s the last minute to put the instrument on your shoulder already 2 bars before 😆Sartato’s point is to hold the bow properly . case

You can feel the tempo on your back and shoulders,
the bow is always at the same height,
the strings are changed above the strings, and the position of the bow is controlled
in the same way ! The good thing about ensembles is that he uses this sort of thing almost always in most of his songs. 😆For personal songs and etudes, I practice for that song, but when the song ends, it’s gone 😁 Before I know it, I’ve forgotten ! I can’t! That’s what happens 😢 If you don’t do it all over again, you’ll forget it 😫 With the ensemble, you’ll be able to perform a variety of songs, so you’ll be able to practice 😁 Today is November 11th, Pocky It was the day of the event, so I brought some Pocky and ate them😁 At the end, we ended up eating all the leftover Pocky😁Well , the next youth class is the last one before the dormitory seminar! It will be held from 18:30 on November 25th ! By the way, this day is pudding day! That’s why there are various things 😆

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