Youth String Ensemble

♪ The Hirosaki Symphony Orchestra has set up a “Youth String Ensemble” to provide opportunities for string ensembles.

♪ Age doesn’t matter. Adults are also very welcome.

♪Please bring your own violin, viola, cello and music stand.

*Contrabass may be ready, so please contact us.

♪ Please contact us in advance if you would like to take a tour or if you would like to start from now on.

♪ Inquiries

  Dr. Kumagai TEL 080-6006-9875 E-mail

Instructor Introduction

Violin, viola Hiroyuki Kumagai

The Hirosaki Youth String Ensemble is a group that is working on a wide range of string ensembles from first graders to adults.
It’s a small ensemble, so each person’s sound becomes a very lively ensemble.
Music is something that you can always enjoy as a child, “playing earnestly”.

I would like to share that satisfaction with as many people as possible.


Began playing the violin at the age of 4 and the viola while studying at Hirosaki University.

Kazuko Matsumi, Hiroshi Murayama, and Masako Hasebe have played the violin, Hiroshi Murayama has played the viola,

Studied ensemble under Hiroshi Murayama, Masahide Mito, and Toshiki Fujisawa.

So far, he has launched a string ensemble and the Hiro Musica Kammer Orchestra in Aomori Prefecture.

Work as a concertmaster.

In July and September 2011, he performed with NHK Symphony Orchestra violinist Koichi Suzuki and Saito Kinen Orchestra viola player Haruo Takeuchi. Participated in a charity concert in Bremen with members of the German Kammerphilharmonie.

In Iwate Prefecture, he is active mainly as a violist for the Iwate Philharmonic and the Latour Quartet, and as a violinist for the Iwate Chamber Music Group.

Currently, while performing in Iwate, Aomori, Yamagata, and Tokyo, he presides over violin classes in Morioka and Hirosaki, and teaches young people as a trainer for youth string ensembles.

A member of the Japan String Teachers Association.

Main practice venue

Hirosaki Municipal Taisei Elementary School

Venue: Community exchange room on the 1st floor

Address: 13-1 Miyukicho, Hirosaki City