About us

Hirosaki Symphony Orchestra Profile

 The Hirosaki Symphony Orchestra is an amateur orchestra based in Hirosaki City.

 On April 1, 1989, the 1st regular concert commemorating the 100th anniversary of Hirosaki City was held. concerts are held every year. We also hold free “ensemble concerts” that you can enjoy casually.

 With the support of Hirosaki City, we have carried out the “Dream Concert” in which professional musicians are invited, the “Dream Seminar” where you can receive instruction in string instruments, and the “Youth String Ensemble” project that provides opportunities for string ensembles. We also continue activities related to human resource development.

 Sharing music with everyone by participating in “Children’s Art Experience Square” (sponsored by Hirosaki City) where you can experience musical instruments, “School Concert” where you visit elementary schools and “Hirosaki Music Festival” (both sponsored by Music Network Hirosaki) We are working to revitalize local culture by exploring various forms of

 Through these activities, we aim to be an orchestra that is widely loved not only by the citizens of Hirosaki, but also by everyone in the neighboring municipalities.

 Received the 2018 “Hirosaki City Honoring Rules” (Gold Manji Award).

Hirosaki Symphony Orchestra

This title was written by the late Keiseki Tazawa, a calligrapher from Hirosaki City, when the group was formed.

 Since then, it has been used for posters, flyers, and programs for almost all regular concerts.

Profile of Keiseki Tazawa

Born in Hirosaki City in 1935.
In 1962 he opened the Keishin Calligraphy Club. He studied under Sato Chuin.

In 1986, he won the second prize at the 22nd Sogen Exhibition. In 1987, he was selected for the first time at the 19th Nitten Exhibition.
Passed away in 2002, aged 68

Greetings from the president

Hirosaki Symphony Orchestra Director Katsunori Nishizawa

An orchestra cannot stand alone.

It’s an orchestra because there are friends to play with.

An orchestra cannot grow with performers alone.

We can do our best because there are people who listen to us.

We hope that you will join the Hirosaki Symphony Orchestra both as a performer and as an audience.


Born in Hirosaki City in 1954.

In charge of the flute at the Hirosaki Minami High School brass band club.

After entering the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education, Hirosaki University, he began playing the oboe at the Hirosaki University Philharmonic Orchestra.

So far, he has been instructed by Mr. Kakushige Uemura.

After graduating from university, he continues to perform with the Hirosaki Opera and the Hirosaki Symphony Orchestra.

Since 1997, he has also participated in the Hirosaki Bach Ensemble, and also participated in the European performances in 2000 and 2015.

A member of the Hirosaki Symphony Orchestra since its inception in 1988.

Greetings from Concert Mistress

Hirosaki Symphony Orchestra Concert Mistress Shizuka Futagawara

We would like to thank all of you for your support and cooperation.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Hirosaki Symphony Orchestra for being able to work today.

I would like to earnestly face the charm of making warm music and the orchestra.

Thank you for your continued support.


Graduated from Hirosaki University Faculty of Education Junior High School Teacher Training Course Music Department.

Completed the master’s course at the same university’s Graduate School of Education.

Studied piano with Kiyoshi Asano and viola with Hiroshi Murayama.
He is a full-time lecturer at the York Culture Center.