On October 28th, we had a youth practice.On

this day, the university orchestra practiced at the same time, and it was an ensemble of 1 elementary school student, 3 junior high school students, and 7 adults😁Well,

Mozart is in G major, so the scale is in G major. and!

After that, we proceeded to the songs for the beginners class, and after the break, we went to the songs for the experienced class.

Before we started, R prepared the sheet music and memorized the location of each part 👏

Practice from Mozart! I checked
the dynamics,
the timing of entering,
the timing of preparation , etc. 😁 Also, during this youth practice, we talked about several things, how to put the phrases together, and how to connect to the next one. ! At the entrance, “Together with Mr. Takahashi and Mr. Sakamoto!” was the keyword 😁 Also, when switching phrases , “Have a nice day, wait a minute! ” At the time of Corelli, it was about how to count long notes, the timing of entering , etc.😆During the break, I brought Halloween candy, so we all ate it😆Well, after the break, it was Respighi. ! Andantino has more movement than Andante!

There is this feeling in the first song!
Also, an eighth note ringing somewhere!
This is what you can hear too 😊

The 2nd movement is a change in tempo anyway
It’s important to feel the tempo every time the song changes!

The third movement is the music of Auftakt!
Starting from close-up means how to hook the bow!

This time, I tried switching between pizzicato and Arco 😁 Let’s
play around with the bow position and follow-through trajectory until you get used to it!

The 3.4 movement always runs out of time, so let’s go in the order of for the next two movements!

By the way, the next practice
will be on November 11th, Pocky Day😁 From
18:30, the beginner’s class song will be played
, and from around 19:30, the experienced course song

will be

played. The youth ensemble is always looking for new members. 😁

Any violin, viola, cello, contrabass and stringed instrument!

For those who play an instrument but have never performed in an ensemble but want to try it, or for those who are
interested but are worried because they have never done it before!

I’d love to! Please come once!

Contact: His
Youth Ensemble Trainer (Kumagaya)


Until https://hirosakisinfonie.org/youth-string-ensemble/ !

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