to tell the truth! NHK Symphony Orchestra cellist Mr. Mito came to practice on September 14th!
There was a cello ensemble performance the day before, and there were many cello participants!
At that time, there were many specific instructions such as how to play chopped!
But I think you talked about the most important thing!
“When I feel like I want to play like this, it becomes that kind of sound. “
On the contrary, if you don’t think about it, it’s easy to imagine that you can’t do it with just your hands! ūüėÜ

It was a very meaningful talk, thank you very much!

At practice on September 28th, we practiced a little differently. It means
“communicate, play while listening to harmonies” .¬†Specifically,¬†he listened to each other’s sounds and searched for sounds that would harmonizeūüėäI tried doing it in real time!¬†Since we practice twice a month, it’s not normal for us¬†to be in an ensemble¬†. I said, “Yeah,” but actually it’s the other way around.¬†I stop the moment when everyone loses consciousness, and I always listen while grasping the structure of the harmony, so it’s quite nerve-wracking ūüėÖ I think the moment when it’s right is “this!¬†” It seems¬†that it was an unprecedented practice of concentration, and when it was over, everyone laughed and said, “I’m tired! ūüėĀ”

It seems that there were many people who felt tired, but the feeling of playing in an ensemble was quite strong, and one of the people who was in charge of the inner voice on the way home said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been so tired! But it was pleasant and
fun ., the next youth practice!
From 18:30 on October 12th, Eine Kleine will continue
at Taisei Elementary School !¬†Now!¬†Just a reminder,¬†he will have his Youth recital¬†on Sunday, November 15th !¬†but!¬†It will be the studio of the Hirosaki Red Brick Warehouse Museum!¬†I think it will be only for those involved, but¬†let’s do our best to finish the first half of the year!

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