On January 20th (wine and amazake day), we had a youth practice!

This day was an ensemble of 3 students and 8 adults!

While it was difficult to decide on a date for this year’s concert, the venue was finally decided on March 1st, just in time for people to gather!

I originally planned to do it on March 22nd, but it turned out to be a couple of twists and turns, and I apologize for the inconvenience.The rest is the


I’ll try it as soon as I can!

Well, I noticed something new about the scale this time!
That is,
“Even if it goes up and down, the pitch should be the same!

Let’s practice this again!

Well, it’s Mr. Glazunov’s song!
Not only this song, but also the symbols and letters
of the crescendo , how to feel the tempo, the phrase , the rhythm ensemble , the length of the sound, and so on . It’s not about counting, so it’s the core of songwriting😁There’s this basic premise, there’s rhythm, there’s melody and harmony😁It’s natural to do it, but it’s not natural to be able to do it😅That ‘s why we’re always conscious Let’s do it 😁

By the way, it seems that this day is wine day, but we can’t do that at school, so it’s grape juice😅

Well, the second half is Holberg!

This viola is difficult!
Does it mean that the tempo depends on the viola😅
So take it a little slower!

At Holberg, we did
things like driving the carving,
feeling the tempo when entering from the middle,
the timing of the ritardando,
the sharpness of the sound
, the melody on top of his tempo beat, and so on! Whether it’s Glazunov or Holberg, the common problem with any song is the tempo😁Since we share the tempo, we share the direction of the song and listen to each other’s sounds to create it! An ensemble with a sense of groove is very important! So, instead of playing with your own rhythm, let’s aim to play while feeling the tempo of the whole song in your body and feeling what kind of song it is! 😁The next practice will be on January 27th, 27th at Taisei Elementary School on “Tuna Day” ! Starting with the scale he does with Glazunov Holberg !

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