September 9th Youth practice!

On this day, we had an ensemble of 3 students and 9 adults 😊 We

started practicing from the musical scale, but this time the key is “Mi, So”!

Miso… πŸ˜…Is

it because there are two whole tones, or a whole tone after a semitone?

Holberg is a break!

The points in my recent practice:
1) Raise your elbows a little to change the tilt of the bow
2) Balance between melody and accompaniment
3) Breathing before entering
4) Relationship between rhythm and bowing

For the time being, these 4 points became the starting point πŸ˜†

And , In the 4th variation, we practiced hints on how to practice!

The first violin was difficult, so I was able to say,
“Okay, take the slur and do it three times!” Nice! 😊 Practice points here! When it’s too fast to play, the order is β‘  take only the notes β‘‘ add rhythm β‘’ add slurs ! Of course, there is a little trick for this β‘  😊

This time it was n’t that far , so
I started slowly from β‘‘.

Please don’t forget to use it more and more 😊

Well, the second half is Holberg!

Practice point!
(1) How to play fp
(2) Key points
for dialogue (3) How to speak with accents
(4) Changes in tempo ( 5 ) Role of harmony
in melody Well, as expected, I will practice at the beginning of the 1st movementπŸ˜† So I practiced how to play fp and then passed πŸ˜† Well, from “Holberg’s era” he is this Holberg? There are many people who say! For more information, see the time of Holberg ! To put it simply, he is a Baroque Danish writer named Holberg. It’s one of the few arrangements for string music by the composer himself, and probably something like “It’s good if you try to make it! It’s a great deal, why don’t you try it with strings too 😊”… Because it imitates the style of baroque.

In order to make a suite, a prelude is included, and although it is originally dance music for Armando, Courant, Sarabande, and Sieg, it is composed of dance music such as Prelude, Sarabande, Gavotte and Musette, Aria, and Rigordon
. Well, next time is practice for the dream seminar Mozart k156 Corelli’s Ensemble Concerto Op . Do it all 5 times! All of them are good songs 😊 I’m looking forward to it! Well, next time will be held at Taisei Elementary School from 18:30 on September 30th !

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