September 30th We had a youth practice

It’s been a long time since we’ve had this day! It was the 14th ensemble of 1 elementary school student, 1 junior high school student, 4 university students, and 8 adults!

This time it’s the first time to practice the songs of the dori seminar 😊

Mozart String Quartet No. 3 1st movement
Corelli Ensemble Concerto No. 8 6th movement
Respighi Old-fashioned dances and Aria Suite 3 for his lute!

I tried playing Mozart several times to get familiar with the piece😆Every time I played it, the

tempo was increased little by little. I did it 😁

I practiced while confirming things such as deciding where to skip and playing, the feeling of 3 beats, and the length of the sound.

Corelli is also 12/4, which is a 3×4 time signature!

Respighi after the break!

The 1st movement has 4 bars where there is a gap, so I managed to get through that part while going through this time 😊 The

2nd movement is practice switching between Arco and Pizzicato!
I played slowly from confirming the movement to unreasonable speed 😁
, but after playing, I was able to have plenty of time to switch

. I want to get through each song about 20 times before the seminar, so let ‘s

practice some songs especially for beginners! 😆

Well, about the next youth
Due to a public holiday,
it will be October 7th!
We will continue to perform the song of the dori seminar!

■Youth Ensemble is always looking for new members😁

Violins, violas, cellos, double basses and stringed instruments are welcome!

For those who play an instrument but have never performed in an ensemble but want to try it, or for those who are
interested but are worried because they have never done it before!

I’d love to! Please come once!

his Youth Ensemble Trainer (Kumagaya) at


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