October 7th Youth practice was held On this day , the ensemble consisted of

1 elementary school student, 1 junior high school student, 3 university students, and 7 adultsπŸ˜†As we were practicing the song for the dori seminar, the song for the beginner class was the sound. We checked the length , breathing when entering, positioning , the part together , the position of the bow, etc. 😊 Counting is a very difficult task regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced course . However, when I said , “I’m with Takahashi-san here 😊” , he came in cheerfully while making eye contact 😊 On the score, “Takahashi-san and I’m together” was written in hiragana 😁 When I make time for young children in youth classes, I feel that the students and adults around me are aware that I am too, and I feel that they are improving together . I felt the right atmosphere 😁 I felt that it was a very good atmosphere πŸ˜† After the break, it’s Respighi! In the second half, we practiced how to feel the backbeat, when to set up the instrument, listening to her surroundings, from her pizzicato to Arco πŸ˜† This time, we will also check the deviation points of the first movement 😊

It felt a little hazy, so for practice, everyone πŸ‘ After

checking the timing of the finished sound, I tried playing it with an instrument, and it felt refreshing πŸ˜† Mr. Viola has a

pizzicato and an arco part, and that bow I practiced the position and approach πŸ˜†
I tried playing to make the movement smooth 😊

Well, there are 3 more times until the dori seminar!

Let’s work on what we discovered in this practice and move on next time!

The next practice will be held on
October 28th
at 18:30!

We will also practice playing, but let’s take care of things to play together 😁

β– We are always looking for members for the Youth Ensemble😁Violin

, Viola, Cello, Contrabass and stringed instruments anyone!

For those who play an instrument but have never performed in an ensemble but want to try it, or for those who are
interested but are worried because they have never done it before!

I’d love to! Please come once!

his Youth Ensemble Trainer (Kumagaya) at


Youth String Ensemble

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