June 24th _ _We practiced youth.

This day was an ensemble of 3 students and 9 adults!

I’m gradually improving the scale, but the 3rd and 7th notes are still different😆

The secret of how to take the pitch of the 1st finger of a stringed instrument !

After doing this, it seemed that ” mi ” and ” si ” in C major were easy to understand😁

Everyone, if you are conscious, it will be much better 😊

Don’t forget this!

Well, today is Glazunov’s first meeting!

Anyway, this song is cool!

I want to play while feeling the rhythm of triple time!

This time I tried until before the 4th variation😆

Vivaldi after breakIt is 😆

With an ensemble concerto, I feel that practicing how to enter and counting are very important 😊

After all, basically two bars before!

This is an important point to prepare for!

Here’s a secret trick! 😊

that is···

“When counting bars, count your fingers on the fingerboard!”

This is it!

Of course, it’s important to memorize the songs, but it’s a surefire way to do it, even if you’re just seeing it for the first time!

Well, July is the end of Vivaldi!

From August to September 1st !

Let’s take a look at Grieg’s “From the Holberg era”, and from September we will look at the Dream Seminar songs!

After that, we will perform the Holberg Suite again from December, if possible !

I’ve been thinking that I’ll be able to do a concert again around March !

We haven’t decided on the date or place yet, but as a program so far


2 Icelandic folk songs


Ensemble Concerto

some movie music


theme and variations


holberg suite

Great program! 😅

Perfect playing time is about 60 minutes!

I haven’t decided yet, but I would love to do it!

Now for the next exercise

At Taisei Elementary School

It will be held from 18:30 on July 8th ! ■ Youth Ensemble is always looking for new members😁

Violin, viola, cello, contrabass and stringed instruments for everyone!

If you play an instrument but have never performed in an ensemble, but would like to try it,

Those who are interested, but are worried because they have never done it!

I’d love to! Please come once!

contact is

youth ensembleTrainer (Kumagaya)


home page

Youth String Ensemble


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