June 11th Youth practice was held

On this day, 3 students and 9 adults played in an ensemble.

On this day, we practiced the scale carefully, followed by Svendsen’s finishing touches, Vivaldi’s solo, and 😆

Among them, this time, there was a request from the secretariat for a long time, so I decided to take pictures during the ensemble 😁 And for

Svendsen’s finishing, I hadn’t done it before, but I played with a sense of tension. In order to see it, the first recording 😁
Everyone’s expressions changed at once 😁

That’s why I spent a little more time with Svendsen on this day 😆 Well, the next Glazunov’s “Theme and Variations” This is a really cool song! I think it’s a song that everyone wants to try! As for the next youth practice, from 18:30 on June 24th at Taisei Elementary School , his Glazunov will play sound! The parts will be uploaded to the youth sheet music folder!

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