Youth practice was held on January 27th (Tuna Day)!

On this day, we had an ensemble with 1 elementary school student, 3 university students, and 9 adults!

Before today’s practice, we talked about the concert!
Date: March 1st
Location: Enmyoji, Hirosaki City
Scheduled for around 16:00!

I also told you about it!

Although the time is irregular, there are many people who gather at that time, so this time it’s evening time 😊 Now, on this

day, the aria on the G string that was included in the program!
This is the song that got a lot of attention in last year’s drama “You and me on the G line”!
I made this the first song!

It’s a beautiful song, and it’s very good, but the melody, countermelody, harmony, and accompaniment are really lean, so you can clearly see the quality of each one!

Another hard work! πŸ˜† Well ,

in practice , we did Glazunov and Holberg ! Sharing the tempo” This is a big challenge this year!

The presence or absence of this has a big impact on the sense of rhythm and

Is that what you mean πŸ˜†

But if you can play with “sharing the tempo”, the fun will be on another level!

I think we can do it, so let’s do it!

Well, the next youth event will be held on
February 10th (the day of wipes, food, etc.)
from 18:30 at Taisei Elementary School! On this day, it seems that the person who graduated will come to play with a cello! I’m looking forward to it 😊

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