In November, we had youth practice on the 16th and 30th!

Originally, I was thinking of holding a recital on the 15th, but due to the influence of the corona virus, it was postponed, and the ensemble was held after that.

At the beginning of practice, we use scales and scales to practice various playing techniques 😊

Among them, I’m not very good at practicing “jumping” 😊 It’s not limited to youth 😊 Me too!

Right now, I’m doing spiccarto practice for youth, but the tempo is slow, so it’s actually saltato 🙏

There are 3 tricks!
(1) Drop the bow from the same height
(2) To do this, hold the bow instead of hitting it (
3) Ask the bow for the “vibration cycle position” where the elasticity of the bow matches the speed you want to bounce 😁


the bow When I want to fly, I hit the bow to make it fly at the speed I want to play, but the

elasticity of the bow’s flight is determined by the location, so the period at which it can vibrate is determined! 😏

I mean! You can’t do it the same way everywhere 😊

The speed is different in 1 cm increments, so it’s the role of playing to fine-tune this 😁 That’s


I will continue to practice flying!

The next practice
will change the venue! From 18:30
in the large conference room of the Cultural Center Vivaldi will perform on this day!

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