February 24th Youth practice We had

a youth practice on February 24th (Kezuribushi, Bourbon Petit Day)!

Partly because it was a public holiday, the number of participants was small, but the ensemble consisted of 1 elementary school student, 2 junior high school students, 3 university students, and 6 adults

. , There are members who always gather, and the sound produced by all of them is the current youth sound.

However, that’s why I challenged various things such as confirming the details and sharing again with the members!

That’s why, before the concert, we had a dense final practice!

Next time, I can’t practice on March 9th because Taisei Elementary School is closed ☺️ so there will be a

little time, but I will do it on March 23rd!
On the 23rd, yes! It’s lactic acid day!
It seems to be very good for raising immunity against the recent coronavirus, so on this day we will have a fun ensemble and improve immunity with lactic acid bacteria!

At first, I actually thought of Albinoni’s strings, but two violas graduated this year, and the viola is divided into two pieces, so I’m thinking of changing my mind and going to Vivaldi, so please look forward to the next time. please!

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