We had a youth practice on February 10th (Fukinotou day)!

On this day, Mr. Y, a graduate from Hyogo, came to visit us!
Thankfully, you came to Hirosaki with your cello! 😆
So, this day was an ensemble of 3 students and 9 adults!

We decided to hold a welcome party for him at a later date, and today we are practicing for the concert!

On the G string, it’s an aria.
The first sound is harmony, and the 16th
note is polite . Phrase flow and length Changes in dynamics Feeling the same tempo and song together The feeling of playing with everyone Hand clapping practice etc. It’s relatively easy to play, so you should be able to create a more united ensemble! That’s what I think 😊 Everyone still plays with the score and their own world, and I count the rests, but I count them at my own timing😅 Even if I’m wrong, I want to do more ensembles as a whole song 😆Nowadays , I think there are many times when I play without noticing even if I make a mistake😅😅Holberg does not stop the sound

Dialogue also has a sense of tempo
Intonation of accents
Response to speed changes
also to music etc.

This time, Holberg wants the performance to be played!
I’ve never played it before, but when I practice, I can see how to play it, so it’s easy to do, so this time Holberg will do it!

2 weeks until the performance on March 1st!
We have one more ensemble and rehearsal, so let’s do our best to play actively!

Next time, February 24th , from 18:30 at
Taisei Elementary School . It’s all day, so some people will be resting, but let’s do our best for the last practice!

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