Youth practice was held on December 7

Eine Kleine From the 1st movement to the final movement, first the scale!

It’s time to practice Ricochet and Spicart again!

Well, this time I touched on the important way to match in the ensemble.

I do something like breathing together, but what is this for?



chi chi


You know! It’s for sharing
music . So, when I do an ensemble, I think it’s important that he doesn’t get caught up in the world of sheet music and he feels the music that he shares with everyone and sympathizes with him in his own way . It’s not about following everyone, it’s important to move forward together 😊 So let’s feel good in the next ensemble! Well, the next youth event will be held at the cultural center at 18:30! The last practice of the year, let’s have fun together! 😊

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