I didn’t have a cello on that day, so I practiced in a slightly different arrangement!

We had 1 junior high school student, 2 university students, and 7 adults

To be honest, it was a lot of fun playing it for the first time in a while😁When

I play it myself, it’s easy to see the differences from everyone else, and I can see the details!

Among them, this time
Consciousness of the phrase
Sorting out the movement
Consciousness of the motif
Confirmation of the position of the bow
Consciousness of the backbeat and frontbeat
How to count the backbeat

And so on!

However, rather than technical things like that, we
were able to create an ensemble with a very sense of camaraderie by doing it in a circle and having everyone play on the same line😁 Let’s do it


Well, the next youth
will be wine day on January 20th! From 18:30
at Taisei Elementary School , he will be! Next time, the new year will be a little empty, so you may forget a little 😁Let’s remember as much as possible and practice 😁

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