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Terry Rice is a Digital Marketing trainer and business coach based in Brooklyn. As the founder of Terry Rice Consulting, he helps clients identify the audiences, platforms and tactics aligned with efficiently reaching their desired campaign and growth goals. With a heavy focus on Social and Optimization, he also provides guidance on best practices for Content Marketing. Terry has been in the Digital Marketing field since 2007 – most notably, helping clients achieve their marketing goals while working at Adobe and Facebook. In addition to working with established businesses, he also serves as a startup mentor at organizations including Techstars and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute. Beyond that, he’s a Digital Marketing Instructor at General Assembly and NYU. During his career, he’s consulted hundreds of organizations including Walmart, Bonobos, Warby Parker, Revlon and BarkBox. Additionally, he’s been a featured speaker at industry events including Social Media Week and SXSW.

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About Terry Rice

Terry Rice is the Digital Marketing Expert-in-Residence at Entrepreneur. His experience includes consulting roles at both Adobe and Facebook. In addition to working with established companies, he serves as a startup mentor at organizations including Techstars and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute.

Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing Campaign Planning
Measurement and Optimization
Audience Discovery and Targeting
Website Tracking and Analytics
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Paid Facebook and Instagram Ads
Paid and Organic Search Marketing

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