August 5 We had a youth practice!

This day was an ensemble of 3 students and 7 adults.

Just in front of the station of the Neputa Festival, we were passing by the side of the Neputa parade on the way to Taisei Elementary School😁 Well, the highlight

of this practice is Holberg’s first ensemble!

But the fun is later, the first half is from Glazunov!

Due to the characteristics of youth, it is difficult to stack up, but when you play the same note, you still end up lining up the notes

. I want to cherish it!

Well, this time it will be the fourth ensemble as Glazunov.

This composer Glazunov may be known as a conductor who failed to premiere Rachmaninoff’s

No. Or, he was respected by Rachmaninoff, and in fact, he was a person who was respected among composers!

I’d like to somehow produce Glazunov’s heavy melodies and sounds! 😊

That’s exactly what the first violin unison is!
I’m going to stick to the tone more and more!

Well, the second half is the first look at Holberg! While talking about how to play the 1st movement, how to separate the notes in the 2nd movement, and how to play the gavotte in the 3rd movement , I

tried making sounds until the 5th movement.

Na 1 movement, Rigordon’s solo and worked hard 😊


By the way, the schedule has changed a little in August due to Obon!

The next one is August 26th.

The place
is Taisei Elementary School from 18:30.

It’s pretty hot, isn’t it 😅

let’s get ready and practice, such as drinks! 😁

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