Personal Health


This Handy Wand Adds Another Line of Defense Against Germs

It's a chemical-free way to rid your home of germs, viruses, and bacteria.

How Sleep Can Help -- and Heal -- During This Really Weird Time

A good night's rest gets rid of the "gunk."

Why We Are Stress Eating and How to Manage It

Anxiety eating is a common and understandable response to stress, but it's important to develop habits to manage our emotions.

Want Peace of Mind? Sanitize Everything With This Portable UV-C Wand.

Just give it a wave across any surface and germs will have met their match.

The 'Hygiene Hand' Was Designed by a Paramedic to Keep Your Hands Germ-Free

This clever device helps you get through your day without touching germ-ridden surfaces.

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